When Your Wedding Day Doesn't Go As Planned

As a photographer I’m often moving from one shoot to the next with several emails and client meetings sprinkled in between. Oftentimes, at least for me, it’s difficult to fully appreciate and grasp the weight of a collection of photos until several weeks or months down the road when I’m able to approach a gallery with fresh eyes, and without the distraction of deadlines or logistics.

I recently took some time to go back and browse through some of the photos I made at Joline and Curtis’ wedding from nearly a year ago. As I clicked through the photos from their fall wedding in Pioneer Square in Seattle, I was moved by all the love and emotion felt through the photographs. There were so many great moments that I obviously shot, but really didn’t fully realize until now. Funny how we can experience a scene or moment in time, but not fully realize what is transpiring until later on. Perhaps it’s the fact that the moment is fleeting, or the alcohol that’s often involved that clouds our senses. I guess that’s the power of and reason why we need good photography. In any case, going back through these photographs was such a treat.

The wedding started out great when I met Joline and Curtis at their venue, The Little London Plane. We did a casual first look, followed by some portraits of them in Occidental Square, but shortly thereafter Joline began feeling very ill. In the midst of guests and family arriving for their ceremony she ended up having to make a trip to the ER and missed everything that was planned that afternoon. This is where I insert my spiel about things not always going according to plan on the wedding day (knock on wood!). Fortunately, Joline was able to receive the attention she needed and began feeling better relatively quick. She was able to join part of the celebration via FaceTime, and luckily, made it back at the end of the day for a quick, impromptu ceremony. Their guests and family had already left, but a few of us were holding out to make their vows official :)

I hope you enjoy viewing a few photos from their wedding, and can see that despite things not going according to plan on their big day, that their love and commitment comes through strong in their wedding photos.